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At Autoweb Design, we understand the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of the automotive industry. We specialise in delivering highly functional, robust software solutions to meet the needs of automotive manufacturers and dealerships by providing them with the tools they need to thrive in the digital landscape.

Category: Software for Building & Maintaining Websites

Automotive CMS

automotive web components


Flexible Automotive Website Creation

The Fraternity Automotive CMS is composed of a large suite of automotive web components, in addition to standard web components. When these are combined with the page builder dealerships and OEMs are empowered to create and deploy high-performance automotive websites to deliver their online marketing strategy.

This software provides the foundation for our car dealer website design service.

Microsite Builder

car dealer websites


Providing a Scalable Solution to Both Localised and Vehicle-Specific Marketing

Our microsite solution allows dealer groups and OEMs to deploy large numbers of approved websites at scale with customisation available at each level. This software has many applications ranging from OEMs wishing to provide local websites to work alongside national marketing, to dealer groups wishing to offer a tailored user journey to market segments such as EVs or CVs. 

With Analytics integrations considered at the outset, our clients can slice and dice the data from all microsites however they need to.

Agency Model Solutions

car dealer website on mobile


Helping OEMs and Dealerships to Adopt Agency Model Quickly

Adapting to agency model vehicle retailing brings a unique set of challenges for both dealership and OEM. The last thing these organisations need is a long, drawn-out software engineering process that results in a solution that neither scales nor adapts.

Our software allows for the efficient flow of vehicle and transaction information between OEM, dealership, and consumer. As our other solutions demonstrate, we know how to transform, enrich and relocate vehicle data within complex networks and this software puts these capabilities on full display. The management system, with its easy to use user interface and powerful reporting capabilities, is complemented by a customisable communication and distribution system, keeping all stakeholders informed of movements and progress in a way that works for them, with the right messaging to protect brand equity. 

The system integrates with CRM and DMS systems as well as payment gateways to efficiently link into existing automotive technology ecosystems so that retail operations are effective. Reservations and returns are also handled with ease.

Because the software holds a single source of truth for vehicle status, adding other initiatives such as localised manufacturer websites and vehicle locators is simple and fast, creating the perfect agency model marketing solution quickly and cost-effectively. Finally, because it is built with a microservices approach, it is simple to adapt as things change, providing a maintainable, future-proof software solution.

Category: Software for Managing Vehicle Specifications & Adverts

Vehicle Ad Manager

Vehicle Stock Data Enrichment


Transforming and Enriching Vehicle Data For Use In Adverts

Ensuring that stock can be transformed into adverts is a challenge due to the large amounts of vehicle data available. Our vehicle management system provides a single location for dealerships and OEMs to record stock from a single location to many. Stock can be transferred between locations as required, reserved or sold. 

Stock can be populated manually via a simple user interface that leverages registration plate lookups and provides a taxonomy for unregistered vehicles. This lookup provides basic vehicle information which can then be enriched further through powerful integrations with leading vehicle data providers such as CAP, CDL and Auto Trader. The system doesn't just enrich data that is manually input though, through deep integrations with dealer management systems (DMS) the system can automatically import basic vehicle information, then enrich it with data as well as images from popular vehicle imagery solutions (or just photos and videos). What makes this software so powerful is its enter-prise level scalability for ETL (Extract, Transform, Load). 

The system can handle large amounts of data and perform complex transformations to the data, even cleansing it using custom functions. This is the tool that the industry uses to manage stock vehicle data efficiently.

Stock Feed Handling

stock feed management-1


Getting Vehicle Ads to The Right Places

Ensuring that vehicle adverts are correct and sent to the right places, consistently is a complex challenge within the automotive sector. We have been working in this area since 2004 and understand the complexities and solutions. Our enterprise-level feed handler is capable of processing huge amounts of complex data reliably and can work with a range of data types from CSV feed files to XML and APIs meaning that you are covered against future market changes.

Vehicle Stock Reporting

Person Looking at Stock Reports


Extensive Reporting Tool Enabling Dealerships to Make Informed Decisions on Stock

As an add on to the stock management solution (vehicle ad manager), we provide a suite of reports that can be viewed in a simple user interface or sent to emails on a schedule. Standard reporting used by automotive professionals include vehicle imagery reports, video usage reports, time in stock and ad views.

In addition to our standard range of reports, we are able to provide bespoke reporting solutions on request, feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Category: Automotive Marketing Technology Software

Automatic Google Ads For Stock

digital marketing for car dealers


Enabling Dealerships to Run Highly Tailored, Relevant PPC Search Ads For Stock Vehicles in Google 

Optimising vehicle ads in Google Search when stock turns over daily is not a viable use of a marketing manager's time, even if it were possible. Still, retailers want their stock to be as visible as possible and Google Search is an important research channel for consumers. 

Having ads and landing pages that are highly tailored to specific keyword searches will improve ad quality score and reduce click costs. Our Auto Ads system automatically manages your stock vehicle ads in Google based on your stock to take advantage of this.

Category: Web Applications To Enhance Automotive Websites

Vehicle Configurator



Helping Consumers Create Their Ideal Vehicle Online

Our vehicle configurator software is driven by a database of vehicles and options which includes accessories and extras, providing consumers with linear front-end journey that enables them to build a vehicle and see the price for the options they select. This vehicle can then be stored and used in-showroom and/or emailed to the consumer and dealership/OEM.

The journey can include finance options and calculators, even allowing the consumer to apply for finance and complete the process online. There is also the option as to whether the configurator ends with the creation of a deal, the reservation of a vehicle or the full online purchase of a vehicle whether it is in stock or a factory order.
The configurator is completely customisable on the front-end and so can be integrated seamlessly into an existing website.

A major piece of flexibility afforded by this software is the ability to drive the configurator using third-party vehicle data or owned OEM data that does not rely on third-parties. The latter can mean that changes to options can be implemented faster using a simple user interface to amend the data.

The solution provides a seamless link between website and showroom, providing a brilliant customer journey and making the buying process more efficient for retailer and consumer.


Online Vehicle Retail



Enabling Automotive Retailers to Sell Cars and Other Vehicles Online or Take Reservation Deposits

Our automotive e-commerce solution is extremely flexible. It can be utilised as a simple payment gateway for reserving vehicles (and updating their status) or a full-end-to-end online vehicle purchasing tool including part-exchange, additional plans and extras, vehicle accessories, instant online vehicle finance and, of course delivery. Many dealerships utilise something in between these two configurations and the reality is that any system used to sell vehicles online has to be compatible with business processes and welcomed by the target market.

There is an extensive range of integrations available within the e-commerce application including CAP valuations, CDL valuations and finance provided via CodeWeavers, iVendi or Evolution Funding. As new innovations emerge within payment gateways and the user journey for online purchases, the feature set of this application continues to grow.

Staying Ahead of The Competition

As a team of expert developers, engineers, and automotive enthusiasts, we have years of experience and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by businesses in the automotive sector. Our mission is to develop advanced software solutions that empower automotive companies to stay ahead of the competition.

With our industry expertise, comprehensive solutions, integration capabilities, customer-centric approach, and continuous support, we enable businesses to unlock the full potential of digital transformation, drive efficiency, and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market. 


Deep Integrations

We actively seek out the best and most innovative technologies in the automotive sector to find ways of providing cutting-edge solutions for our clients. Whilst we integrate with virtually every popular automotive web technology and DMS, we do not enforce the use of any third-parties on our clients, but to provide options of solutions that perform brilliantly. 

We believe that our clients should be able to enter data in one place, with integrations taking care of the rest, thus reducing the chances of errors and saving time.

The Right Software Partner

Industry Expertise

At Autoweb Design, we focus solely on the automotive sector. This specialisation allows us to possess in-depth knowledge of the industry's intricate workflows, regulations, and market trends. By leveraging our expertise, we provide custom software solutions tailored to the specific needs of automotive businesses, helping them streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive growth.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer a wide range of software solutions to address the diverse needs of automotive manufacturers and dealerships. From inventory management and content management system (CMS) tools to online vehicle retail systems, our comprehensive suite of software applications covers a broad range of requirements.

Integration and Scalability

In today's interconnected digital landscape, seamless integration of software systems is crucial for success. At Autoweb Design, we understand the importance of integration and ensure that our software can seamlessly integrate with existing systems, such as dealer management systems (DMS) platforms and finance proposal systems. Furthermore, our solutions are scalable, accommodating the growing needs of businesses as they expand and evolve.

Enhanced Customer Experience

We recognise that exceptional customer experience is a crucial differentiator in the competitive automotive market. Our software solutions enable businesses to deliver personalised experiences, from online car configurators to streamlined appointment scheduling and efficient after-sales service management. By partnering with us, automotive companies can provide a seamless and delightful customer journey.

Continuous Support and Upgrades

At Autoweb Design, we don't just deliver software and walk away. We provide ongoing support and regular upgrades for our cloud-based solutions to ensure that our solutions remain at the cutting edge of technology. Our dedicated support team is always available to address any issues or concerns, allowing automotive businesses to focus on their core operations while leaving the software maintenance to us.