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Automotive CMS - Fraternity

A content management system that gives you control over your OEM or dealership website.

Take Back Control of Your Automotive Website

Our automotive CMS software is a game changer for frustrated automotive marketing teams who want to build their own website in-house because they face using restrictive, templated automotive website systems that don't allow them the freedom to act quickly and in a way that gels with their marketing and brand strategy.

A bespoke automotive website build (build not design) involves the creation of web elements from the ground up, in addition to feed handling systems and vehicle data integrations. The end result might be something that works for the here and now but isn't reliable, scalable or future proof requiring expensive and time consuming software development work every time the industry moves. This defeats the purpose of designing the website in-house in the first place.

There are many content management systems out there and there are even some automotive website themes available but what they lack is the enterprise-scale management software that backs automotive websites. With our solution, dealer groups and OEMs alike can take back control of their website design whilst having the backing of robust vehicle management and feed handling systems as well as a development roadmap that ensures new solutions are provided via solid integrations, available through the CMS. 

automotive web components

Expansive Component Set

Tailor your website with cutting-edge web components.

Stable automotive web components share a common codebase across the platform and can be styled and tailored to create websites that perfectly align to your brand guidelines and marketing strategy, and you are in control.

brand standards

Global OEM Compliance

Brand Standard Assets Available Centrally.

The global content system is available to all CMS users who represent the brand being accessed and is updated in consultation with OEMs. As a result, if there is a new manufacturer initiative or vehicle release then this is updated without any effort on the part of the dealership. Additionally, you can of course add localised offers and initiatives and use the global content assets as it suits your situation.

automotive seo structure

Indexable Stock lists

URL Structure to Optimise Crawl Budget.

Our automotive stock management system automatically creates the right front-end website pages within the right architecture to make sure that you maximise your chances of being seen for transactional searches alongside the large vehicle portals. Many of our clients rank better than even the most well-known automotive websites.

fast page speed

Fast Codebase

Codebase designed to deliver optimal page speeds.

Our software is constantly being enhanced to make sure that the pages created for your website are as fast as possible and, crucially, that they use the methods preferred by search engines such as Google to improve speed. This improves both usability, particularly on mobile devices, but also search engine rankings.