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Prove Your Return on Marketing Spend

Our Digital Marketing Campaigns are run by human experts, not software.

Automotive Digital Marketing

In-house Specialists

Here at Autoweb Design, we are a full service automotive digital marketing agency, offering marketing solutions to complement your website hosting. We have digital marketing specialists across SEO, PPC, UX Design and Email Marketing.

We understand the importance of automotive digital marketing solutions, especially now that the majority of consumers head online before visiting a dealership. Traditional marketing is still very much alive and well, but consumers want information at their fingertips, when they need it, so being present online is more important than ever before.

Digital marketing doesn’t have to cost the earth, but we strongly believe that if you want to get ahead of your competitors, you need a solid digital strategy, which is why we created affordable automotive digital marketing solutions that are suitable for everyone.

digital marketing for car dealers

Reach Your Goals

We Work With Your Team and Your Objectives

Below are some of the services that we offer. Within each we utilise advanced analytics, provide transparent reporting and continually optimise campaigns based on sound mathematics. We combine both technical and creative resource to achieve great outcomes with our clients.


Pay Per Click

Our Search PPC campaigns are run manually whether on Google or Bing. We use our own bid calculation models based on an underpinning of mathematics to make sure that you maximise return on investment from your click spend.


Programmatic Advertising (Display)

Display advertising can be used for either prospecting or remarketing and it is important that these campaigns are run to meet the overall aims of the campaign. We use mathematical techniques to make sure that ad impressions result in the right metrics for your campaign, be that audience building or direct sales.

Car Dealer Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising should complement organic work. We take great care to understand the communication strategies and channels of our clients before constructing a campaign. We offer Facebook Inventory advertising within this service set that will use your existing stock.


On Page and Off Page SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a vital part of building a brand and being visible on Google and other search engines. Your content and structure should be optimised for Search Engines.

If you don't know how your SEO is working, then the chances are you have not started with a keyword mapping and strategy, we always begin with identifying the keywords that will bring you profitable traffic, and then building a plan from there.


Website Analytics Consultation

As a team of data enthusiasts it probably isn't a surprise that we have considerable expertise in the field of web analytics.

We can consult with you to make sure that you are measuring and optimising the website metrics that matter to you. 

Projects typically involve work with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics (GA4), Google Optimise and the GTM data layer.


Automotive Email Marketing

Email Marketing to your customer database is one of the highest converting forms of digital marketing as you are directly targeting existing customers who know your brand and business model.

We optimise email marketing campaigns with the same philosophy we apply to other channels, we need to segment the audience, use tools like heatmapping to find what makes them engage and continually optimise layouts, messaging and audiences.


Campaign Landing Page Creation

Digital marketing campaigns should be carefully crafted so that the message and placement of an ad sparks an interest in a consumer.

What could be worse than when an ad works well enough that a consumer clicks on it, but navigates the consumer to a page that isn't optimised to generate a lead or a sale?

We can help you to use marketing campaign data as well as visualisation tools like heatmapping to create pages specifically designed to convert your campaign traffic into leads or sales.

Automotive Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation involves a programme of testing on certain web pages whereby we generate sufficient data (statistical significance) to confidently say that a change to a page generates more enquiries or it doesn't. 

Using A/B testing tools, we show different versions of pages to different website visitors, analyse the data across different devices and continue to make optimisations based on the data.

Underpinning this is our belief that "what can be measured can be optimised" and so a sound Analytics setup is essential, which we can also help you with.

Automotive Lead Attribution

Attribution Consultation

Do you have a situation where all of your advertising agencies or channels are claiming to have provided you with leads, and the numbers don't add up to the leads that you have?

This is because the attribution models used by those agencies are incompatible. 

We can help you to analyse the data to say which channel is playing a part in which part of a consumer journey, from there we can suggest the right model to use when determining ad return.

This will ultimately allow you to make informed decisions on which channels to prioritise with your digital marketing budget.