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Dealership Websites That Stand Out

You want your website to stand out from the competition. You want to leave a lasting impression about your dealership with car buyers. We can help you achieve your goals.

We provide car dealer websites for automotive retailers of all sizes. Our clients range from small independent to AM top 100 groups.


Features Included As Standard

Options Included in All Our Solutions With No Additional Fee.

Included in All Packages

  • Stock Feed Management
  • Content Management System
  • SEO Optimised Architecture
  • SEO Migration
  • OEM Updates (Franchise Dealers)
  • Adaptive Web Design

Our Approach to Website Design & Build

It's crucial to choose the right partner to develop your car dealer website. It is important to consider design, creation, and maintenance. Our complete approach ensures your site is developed to the highest standard. We have provided an overview of our approach here.

Automotive Content Management

Our car dealership content management system simplifies your daily tasks. The system is used to keep your website content and media up-to-date. Automotive functions make creating engaging vehicle ads quick and easy.

Our CMS is user-friendly, regardless of your technical skills.

car dealer website example

Adaptive Website Design Approach

We follow an adaptive website design approach. This approach meets the needs of website visitors using different devices. We ensure your website visitors have a great experience on all screen sizes. 

We design to fit each device's features for the best user experience. This approach does more than just change the size and position of page elements. Making a great experience means considering factors for all devices. These factors include navigation, presentation, and interactive features.  

The benefits of our design approach are clear to see in website performance. By optimising your website, we improve user contentment. A seamless user experience across devices promotes better performance. In the end we generate more website leads and improved search engine rankings. 

UI, UX, and CX Excellence

A good-looking website is only the beginning of a great online presence. Our team creates designs that are more than just pretty. We make sure your site visitors have a great experience that's easy to control. 

We focus on UI, UX, and CX excellence to achieve your goals. We use these vital elements in our web design and development process. We build websites that are not only appealing to the eye but user-focussed. With a user-focus you gain a pleasant experience for your audience. 

We create user-friendly interfaces that help users engage with your website. We achieve this through a meticulous design stage. 

In addition to UI and UX, we focus on customer experience (CX). CX is used to establish lasting ties with your audience. We create an online presence to encourage a memorable website visit. We aim to foster feelings of trust, and connection with your car dealership. 

With CX design, we create an experience that cultivates customer loyalty. Loyalty leads to greater success for your dealership. Gaining this loyalty is key in the competitive automotive sector. 

We create websites that provide a complete digital experience. Our sites help you connect with your customers. 

Automotive UX Design
Car Detail Page Heatmap

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We help you attract and retain customer. We optimise your website through analysis and A/B testing. Effective call-to-actions are a key part of this work. 

We don't just want website traffic. We aim to make the user experience smooth and engaging. This leads to actions like enquiries or test drives. Our experts use advanced tools to analyse user behaviour. Doing this means they can identify barriers to conversion. 

With A/B testing, we can test different versions of your website elements. We then identify which choices yield the most successful conversion rates. This approach, grounded in evidence, empowers you to make informed decisions. Such decisions may be about page design or positioning of content. They could be about any elements that impact users on your dealership site. 

Our goal is to improve lead generation, increase sales, and enhance ROI. 


SEO-Friendly Architecture

Search engine visibility is vital for your website's traffic. We have a wealth of knowledge in SEO strategies. Our team can advise you on current industry trends. We will work with you to boost your website's positions in search engine results.

We structure your website to make it easy for search engines to find your content. The structure promotes higher rankings in search results.

We prioritise clean code for fast-loading, user-friendly websites. These rank well on search engines. We cover meta tags, headings, and optimised images for SEO.

We are committed to SEO excellence. This commitment helps your website rank higher and attract more organic traffic.
We create websites that provide a complete digital experience. We help you connect with your customers. 


Car Dealer SEO

Reviews From Our Clients


“We started off with just the SsangYong brand website, but the dealers saw it and really liked it. We now have over half the network connected to our site.”

Marketing Director

Ssangyong UK

car buyers direct

“From feedback given by customers that the website is easy to navigate. It's easy to get the information you require when looking to buy a car. ”

Marketing Manager

Car Buyers Direct


“We wanted that personal touch, which is what swung it for us with Autoweb. We noticed better click through rates, more web traffic and improvements to our PPC."

Managing Director

Perrys Motor Sales

  • Solutions By Budget

    Explore dealership website options to suit your budget

  • My Budget is Very Tight

    Solutions for those wanting to make an impact on a low budget

  • My Budget is Mid-Range

    These types of solutions are suitable for the majority of established dealerships

  • I Have a Larger Budget

    Solutions for those wanting to go beyond a custom, professional website

Solutions By Budget

Your budget may not be defined by your dealership's size or location. Budgets can be based on factors like the types of cars you sell. Explore our range of solutions to fit your budget, and find your perfect match.

It's easy for web designers to make grand promises and showcase their top work. That is not our approach.

We can create virtually any solution for dealerships. However, it is our delivery that sets us apart. We share data openly so you can make informed decisions.

Knowing budgets helps us give clients a good return on investment. Then, budgets can increase as clients see results.

A page with drone footage is impressive, but not always feasible. It's also not always necessary for website performance. It may not be the best use of a smaller budget.

For those with a large budget, standard offerings may not be of interest. You may be seeking unique and creative design options.

We have solutions for all budgets.

Solutions for Smaller Budgets

Having a small budget it not a problem. A smaller budget means we need to focus on the most impactful things. 

With a focussed budget there are certain things that are important. We aim to provide you with the maximum return on investment. These areas are where we recommend you spend.

The most important thing here is performance. Your website needs to be visible in search engines so that you have visitors. From there your website needs to be effective at turning visitors into leads.

On a tight budget, the promise of bespoke builds isn't realistic or genuine. On a tight budget the best way to profit is to use site layouts that convert. We apply your branding and website content, then watch as the enquiries come in. This approach uses a custom website.

All of our pre-fabricated website sections follow an adaptive approach. Layouts are backed by data that shows you industry-leading enquiry rates. These leads come from all devices. We structure sections to give you the best start to gaining website traffic.

Solutions for Typical Dealership Budgets

The majority of dealership websites fall within this range. Our approach here is quite different to most.

With a typical spend, we don't think dealers should settle for templated websites.  Still, many do either knowingly or not.

This is not to say that website templates are a bad thing, far from it. We advocate their use when data suggests they deliver performance. We provide these at a low price point. You can then spend the remainder of your budget where you will see returns.

At a medium price point you can expect a custom design process. This process uses sets of reusable web components. Such components are configurable. This means they can look and feel very different depending on their use.

Our flexibility is beyond what many "bespoke" web designers offer. On top of this, a platform codebase is reliable.

Solutions for Larger Budgets

We offer bespoke website design services from a blank canvas. This service start with information architecture plans. It also includes wireframe and prototyping stages. 

If you have a larger budget then bespoke website design becomes viable. By bespoke we mean that we start designing from scratch. We work out a user journey with you in an intensive process.

With a bespoke design you would still use our reliable platform codebase. The elements used are built using reusable website elements as a starting point. You can think of it like a boilerplate design. We layer the bespoke work onto the boilerplate. This ensures that your codebase doesn't fall behind on maintenance.

The process starts with a free initial consultation to discuss your vision. This allows us to better understand your business. It also means we can give you some ideas.

Pricing & Packages

Pricing For Independent Dealerships



Per month

Independent Dealerships


  • Choice of Templates
  • Your Branding
  • Stock Feed Management System
  • Upload Images & Videos
  • Online Reservation Option
  • Third-Party Add-on Options
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Reporting
  • SEO Migration
  • Account Manager



Per month

Independent Dealerships


  • Everything from Standard
  • Custom Design
  • Additional CMS Elements
  • Online Reservation/Retail


Call for Quote

Priced on Specification

Independent Dealerships

Free Features

  • Everything from Professional
  • Bespoke Design
  • Custom Integrations

Pricing for Franchise Dealerships



Per month

Franchise Dealerships


  • Automotic OEM Updates
  • Choice of Templates
  • Your Branding
  • Stock Feed Management System
  • Upload Images & Videos
  • Online Reservation Option
  • Third-Party Add-on Options
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Reporting
  • SEO Migration
  • Account Manager



Per month

Franchise Dealerships


  • Everything from Standard
  • Custom Design
  • Additional CMS Elements
  • Online Reservation/Retail


Call for Quote

Priced on Specification

Franchise Dealerships

Free Features

  • Everything from Professional
  • Bespoke Design
  • Custom Integrations

Why You Should Work With Autoweb Design

When selecting a car dealer website provider, it's important to choose the best fit for your dealership. We distinguish ourselves from others in the industry and outline the defining features of our offering here. While some of these may apply to other providers, our unique combination sets us apart.


We're Automotive and Digital Experts

We're experts in automotive software for car dealers, with almost two decades of experience. We understand your daily needs and deliver quick and reliable service.

You may want to work with a non-automotive creative agency for a fresh perspective on your website. Our team has experience in both general digital agencies and the automotive industry. This team has talent from digital marketing to web design. We aim to be your trusted advisor, not just a software supplier. We'll help you keep your website up-to-date with the latest trends and technology.

Profile of concentrated young software developer eating pizza and coding at home

We're Flexible

We are a flexible agency that doesn't force clients into our way of doing things. Our CMS and website platform can deliver a lot, and we continuously improve it. If there's something we can't do for your dealership online, we work with niche software providers. We will find a solution that works for you.

We Work Well With Others

We remain impartial and seek holistic solutions for our clients. This might mean using our own software or services. It might also mean using third-party solutions. We want what is best for our clients.

Young creative business people at office

We Provide Bespoke Website Design

Many dealerships prioritise a high-performing website. As a result, most websites in the market appear similar. This isn't usually an issue due to geographical location and competition. The important thing is that the website generates results.

In some instances, a dealership may need to have a distinct online presence in order to remain competitive. In these cases, we offer bespoke website design services. This approach ensures the user experience aligns with the marketing strategy.

Website Score Chart

How Does Your Website Score?

Request a free audit and analysis of your automotive website.

Automotive Technology and Integrations Experts

We provide solutions for all automotive trends. Trends including online sales, financing options, and ad optimisation.

We excel in managing stock feeds and DMS integrations. We know finance calculator integrations and Automotive CRM. On top of this we're experts at manufacturer marketing integration.

We look at new technology constantly. We're always considering how it could be used by car dealers.

We Make Useful Things

Our goal is to simplify digital marketing for car dealers. We collaborate with our clients to generate ideas. For example, we've created a system for franchise dealers to update their sites. This system ensures compliance with brand standards. It includes updated branding, offers, and vehicle launch info. It's optional but popular and comes at no extra cost.

Our Solutions are Always Backed By Data

We believe in measuring success to improve it. We back our advice with data or explain how to test new technologies.

Our account managers focus on improving your website, not selling to you. Our key internal metrics are based on website performance. Performance includes number of leads generated. The same metrics are in your website reports. Your account manager will explain the data and suggest actions. If you prefer to receive a summary by email, that's also fine.


Working With Trusted Partners To Enhance Your Dealer Website



Codeweavers can help you to sell more cars. They provide a range of solutions, such as finance calculators. They also provide lead generation tools and online car retailing solutions.


Having a Trustpilot and showing your reviews online can increase company success.


GardX specialise in Vehicle Protection Systems, Aftermarket Products and Insured Protection Products. They also provide a Professional vehicle image and sales video platform.

Judge Service

JudgeService is a review and customer satisfaction specialist. They aim to help you make better decisions.

Visitor Chat

Visitor Chat is all about excellence, flexibility and cutting edge chat software development. Software is backed up by industry-specific chat teams and bespoke chat flow processes.

Total Chatbots

Total chatbots have a range of live chat packages to cater to your specific needs. They even have an exclusive offer for Autoweb Design customers.