Google Vehicle Ads for Car Dealers

Google Vehicle Ads

What are Google Vehicle Ads?

Google Vehicle Ads (also known as Vehicle Listing Ads) are imagery based, Google shopping channel ads, specifically for Vehicles, allowing automotive dealers and manufacturers to proactively showcase their vehicle inventory in an aesthetically appealing and dynamic way.

Whilst product listing ads via the Google Shopping Channel are nothing new, they have never been available to the automotive arena. This new format of advertising is specifically designed for automotive businesses to promote their inventory through Google Search Engine results. As with all product listing ads, these vehicle listing ads are performance focussed, designed to attract potential customers who are proactively looking to buy a vehicle.

Should I use Google Vehicle Ads?

There are many reasons why car dealers should use Google Vehicle Ads.

Qualified leads.
As well as appealing imagery, vehicle listing ads contain top-level information such as price and registration year, so potential customers are already somewhat informed and engaged when they click on your ad.

By reaching audiences who are actively searching on Google for cars, the potential for generating meaningful leads, increases exponentially.

Vehicle Ads are charged on a cost-per-click basis, meaning you only pay when someone engages with your ad(s).

Showcase your entire inventory in real-time.
As with all listing ads, Google Vehicle Ads run via a feed and dynamically updates on a daily basis.

Measurable results.
Campaign results are readily available in your Google Ads account and optimisable, according to performance.

Omnichannel approach.
Vehicle listing ads give you the option to target online customers or encourage potential buyers to visit your dealership, giving potential customers a choice.

Remove reliance on third-parties.
With the ability to attract potential customer at the at the point of search, dealers can drive traffic and enquiries directly to their website(s) in a far more cost-effective manner than through a third party, such as Autotrader.

When will Google Vehicle Ads be available?

Google are currently running a closed beta test, so we expect an update imminently on when this product will be available in the UK. You can register your interest with us today, using the button below.

Get In Touch With Autoweb Design Today

In order to utilise Google Vehicle Ads to its full potential, setup is quite complex. The good news is, as a leading specialist agency within the automotive arena, Autoweb Design has already been involved at beta level with the feed setup. This means we have the knowledge and experience to roll-out solutions for large and small dealer groups, in an efficient and timely manner.

As with all shiny new things, demand is going to be high, as soon as Google Vehicle Ads are available. Therefore, we suggest either speaking to your account manager at your earliest convenience, or complete the following expression of interest.

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