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ChatGPT is not a Car Dealer

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ChatGPT is not a Car Dealer

ChatGPT and Automotive Retail

It's been several months since ChatGPT went viral on social media in late 2022 and became the fastest-growing consumer application in history. During this time, it prompted competitors like Google's Bard to move ahead, and after less than a year, it no longer feels like the sort of mystic technological marvel that it did at first glance. AI writing is now mainstream, not an advanced tool used for software development.

Let's face it, in our industry, we've been guilty of going all in on technology that bands about a household consumer name, haven't we? We've all been to one of the major conferences and seen ears prick up at the mention of one of the tech giant's names or even seen their logos plastered on the stands of the latest new idea that will change how cars are sold. Well, it feels like we're at it again in some quarters. It might work out well this time, but here is an argument we think is worth keeping in mind when the slick web expert comes to the door peddling the latest innovation you need to sign up for, lest you be 'behind the curve of the latest consumer trends'.


ChatGPT Is Useful

ChatGPT can be helpful for things like generating the skeleton of some content or even researching headings to use or subtopics to discuss. It is good at generating words. It's a chatbot that can be steered using prompts - the underlying technology is incredibly clever. This fact shouldn't be downplayed, but remember it's a chatbot - its AI that learns through prompts, and you can teach it by correcting it or steering it in a direction - As with the underlying technology, prompt engineering is a complex field - To say you can develop the perfect set of prompts for a desired outcome is like saying you know how to control AI - which is constantly learning and evolving through public use, Whilst we're excellent at helping the public to buy the right car, I don't think most of us in the industry would claim to have solved such complex feats.


How it Can be Used

If you're going to use ChatGPT for content creation, we suggest doing a couple of things after generating the text - The first is to sense-check it for facts and readability. The second is to run it through a tool that checks readability from a web perspective and checks the content for plagiarism. These practices can mitigate the significant risks of plagiarism, incorrect information or poor readability. On top of this, if you want something on the level of content written by a human marketer - You'll need to run it past someone who understands your brand, tone of voice and the topic you're writing about.


How It's Used Badly


The most blatant misuse of ChatGPT within car dealerships is vehicle descriptions. There are many examples of car adverts out there with descriptions that are clearly copied and pasted from ChatGPT or similar tools. You can spot them a mile away, can't you? The salesperson or merchandiser who uploaded that monstrosity will probably have proofread the words, taking out the American spellings etc., but by spending time on this, they completely missed the fact that they sound like ChatGPT; they use fantastical words to describe a reliable run-around or state things that are obvious. Most worryingly, they sound absolutely nothing like a car dealer or the brand they represent. We know it, consumers know it, and it's not a good look. It's better to leave descriptions out than use the technology your customers use at home and understand well; we're experts - consumers trust us to help them with a technical purchase, and we can't have this image.

It's alarming the rate at which automated tools are being marketed and deployed on websites that use AI, like ChatGPT, to create vehicle ad descriptions.


How Does This Look in Practice?


Below are some prompts completed with Chat GPT 3.5 and the output. One for a used Kia Rio, one for a used Bugatti Veyron and one for a Hotpoint fridge. The results are here for your subjective judgement, and yes, we do ask chatGPT politely!



Used Kia Rio 


please write a 200 word description for a product web page about a used kia rio that is red, had had 2 owners, has done 19,600 miles and has rear parking sensors and alloy wheels. It has a manual gearbox and a 1.6L petrol engine



Discover Affordable Elegance: Used Red Kia Rio with Rear Parking Sensors and Alloy Wheels

Step into a world of style and practicality with our stunning used Red Kia Rio. This budget-friendly gem has everything you desire, from its eye-catching appearance to its impressive performance. With only 19,600 miles on the clock, it's a reliable companion that's ready to explore the roads ahead.

Trusted Ownership, Optimal Condition: Two Owners, Low Mileage

With just two careful owners, this Kia Rio has been cherished throughout its journey, ensuring you get a well-maintained and dependable vehicle. Our meticulous inspection guarantees it meets the highest standards of quality, allowing you to drive with confidence.

Parking Made Effortless, Style Redefined: Rear Parking Sensors and Alloy Wheels

Maneuvering into tight spots becomes a breeze with the rear parking sensors, giving you the peace of mind to navigate urban landscapes effortlessly. The sleek alloy wheels not only elevate its appearance but also enhance its handling and performance, making every drive a delightful experience.

Unleash Your Driving Spirit: Manual Gearbox and 1.6L Petrol Engine

Feel the connection between man and machine with the responsive manual gearbox, allowing you to take control of your driving experience. The 1.6L petrol engine delivers a harmonious blend of power and fuel efficiency, ensuring an enjoyable ride with every mile you cover.

Comfort and Versatility

Step inside the Kia Rio's comfortable interior, spacious enough to accommodate your passengers and cargo with ease. Whether it's your daily commute or a weekend adventure, this Kia Rio offers the comfort and versatility you need.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a used Red Kia Rio, packed with features and offering unmatched value for money. Embrace a new driving experience that combines elegance, practicality, and excitement. Act quickly – this deal won't last long!



Used Bugatti Veyron


please write a 200 word description for a product web page about a used bugatti veyron that is black, had had 1 owner, has done 3,000 miles and has heated seats and alloy wheels. It has an automatic gearbox and an 8L petrol engine.



Embrace Automotive Luxury: Used Black Bugatti Veyron with Heated Seats and Alloy Wheels

Prepare to indulge in the epitome of automotive opulence with our exceptional used Black Bugatti Veyron. This supercar masterpiece, with only one meticulous owner and a mere 3,000 miles under its belt, embodies the perfect harmony of power and sophistication.

Unrivaled Ownership, Unmatched Performance: One Owner, Low Mileage

Driven and cared for by a single owner, this Bugatti Veyron represents an unrivaled level of prestige and exclusivity. With its limited mileage, it promises a driving experience that's practically brand new. We ensure you receive a top-notch vehicle that surpasses all expectations.

Luxury Redefined: Heated Seats and Captivating Alloy Wheels

Step inside the lavish cabin of this Bugatti Veyron and be embraced by the sumptuousness of heated seats, ensuring the ultimate comfort during any season. The mesmerizing alloy wheels complement the car's unparalleled design, elevating its aesthetics while providing unparalleled performance and handling.

Unleash the Power, Experience the Grace: Automatic Gearbox and 8L Petrol Engine

With its automatic gearbox, the Bugatti Veyron delivers a driving experience that's both refined and powerful. The monstrous 8L petrol engine unleashes mind-boggling speed and precision, elevating you to the forefront of automotive excellence.

Exclusivity Meets Performance

The Black Bugatti Veyron stands as a testament to the fusion of exclusivity and performance. Its striking design, engineered for aerodynamic excellence, exudes elegance and captivates onlookers with awe. Owning this supercar will be an unforgettable journey into the realm of extraordinary automotive engineering.

Indulge in the dream of owning a Bugatti Veyron – a masterpiece coveted by collectors and driving enthusiasts alike. This used Black Bugatti Veyron, with its combination of luxury and performance, offers an unrivaled driving experience that's beyond compare. Seize this opportunity to redefine your automotive lifestyle today.

Hotpoint Fridge 


please write a 200 word description for a product web page about a Hotpoint H55VM 1110 W UK 1 fridge that is white and new, unboxed. It has a reversible door and 17L freezer box. Overall it has a 121L capacity.


Introducing the Hotpoint H55VM 1110 W UK 1 Fridge: A Perfect Blend of Style and Convenience

Upgrade your kitchen with the Hotpoint H55VM 1110 W UK 1 Fridge, a brand-new, unboxed appliance that combines modern design and innovative features. Embrace the elegance of its sleek white finish while enjoying the practicality of its reversible door and 17L freezer box, all neatly packaged in an impressive 121L capacity.

Freshness at Its Best: New and Unboxed

Say goodbye to worries about pre-owned wear and tear. The Hotpoint H55VM 1110 W UK 1 Fridge arrives brand-new and unboxed, ready to fill your kitchen with freshness. Experience the pleasure of owning a pristine appliance that perfectly complements your culinary needs.

Versatile Design, Convenient Door

With its sophisticated white design, this fridge blends seamlessly with any kitchen style, adding a touch of modern charm. The reversible door gives you the freedom to choose the door opening direction, adapting to your kitchen's layout and ensuring easy access at all times.

Optimal Space Management: 121L Capacity

Specially crafted to maximize space utilization, the Hotpoint H55VM 1110 W UK 1 Fridge boasts a generous 121L capacity. Organize your groceries efficiently, making use of every inch to store your fresh produce, beverages, and more, without compromising on storage options.

Smart Freezing Solutions: 17L Freezer Box

Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated 17L freezer box within your fridge. Whether it's ice cream, frozen meals, or essential ingredients, the integrated freezer keeps them within reach, making meal preparation a breeze.

Superior Cooling Technology for Lasting Freshness

With advanced cooling technology, this fridge maintains a consistent temperature throughout, preserving the taste and quality of your food for longer periods.

Upgrade your kitchen with the Hotpoint H55VM 1110 W UK 1 Fridge, a new and unboxed appliance designed to redefine your culinary experience. With its stylish design, reversible door, and smart storage solutions, it offers both elegance and convenience. Embrace a new level of freshness and organization in your kitchen today.


What Can Be Seen

Beyond the nonsensical statements sprinkled into the content, there is the fact that all three content pieces are very similar in style and structure. The adverts need to speak to completely different audiences in different contexts. The Kia Rio and Bugatti Veyron being at very different parts of the price and purpose spectrum, and the Hotpoint being, well, a fridge not a car. The style of writing and overall format for each is strikingly similar.


ChatGPT might understand what something is and generically what might sound good, it seems clear that an automotive professional would have a better idea of the language and selling points that will resonate with the dealership’s potential customers. The striking similarity also makes the automation very easy to spot.


For More Information

We'd be delighted to hear from you if you'd like to talk to us about the best software solution to solve your vehicle ad creation challenges. We can help you publish ads on your car dealer website and other advertising portals that properly represent your brand and the vehicle whilst considering the time and resources available to create the ad.



Martin Dew
Martin Dew
Digital Solutions Director at Autoweb Design